Top ocean documentaries title with an ocean seafloor background
Written by Claudine Daigneault Top Environmental and Ocean Documentaries Discover our favorite environmental and ocean documentaries (13 in total). We are lucky to have access to have so much information nowadays with the power of the internet and new technologies. We are super grateful to all these cinematographers to help educate us on issues that […]
Ocean Sunfish with clear blue water
Mola Mola, also known as the Ocean Sunfish, is one of the top sighting we can encounter in certain region of Indonesia. Molas are incredible and definitely mysterious creatures. You will find below a few interesting and fun facts about Mola Molas. Many of our European guests have encountered small sunfish in the Mediterranean Sea. […]
written by Janice Nigro I am not going to kid you. My first underwater photographs were terrible. But I showed them to everyone. I even somehow convinced an underwater photographer to use one of my photographs in a piece he wrote for a diving magazine. Never mind that the piece was about post-photo editing. But […]
written by Janice Nigro That I loved anemones was no secret at this resort either. My dive guide Olivia from the UK smiled wryly, and joked,“I’ll show you a “Nemo” if I find one.” After a 30-minute ride from the resort, the boat parked near the shore of the small, palm tree overpopulated island of Pura. We geared […]
The coral reefs of the tropical seas and oceans host an overwhelming number of colourful marine life. Even among these colourful sea creatures, some are even more colourful than the others. For example the Mandarin fish or (Ptero-)synchiropus splendidus are real eye-catchers, these shy fish are wonderfully coloured and can be found in the coral […]
Have you heard of the African BIG 5? When you go Scuba diving in Bali you’ll find that we also have our own Big 5 – Big 5 marine species that is! Our Big 5 list is made up of marine creatures which are very special to the dive sites around Bali and they are […]
Muck dives seems to be a trendy type of dive. Often seen in port around the world where rubbish lays at the bottom or at the feet of a volcano where black sand bottom host some great creature. Indonesia is renown to have some of the best muck dives in the world. Lembeh, Ambon, and […]
Liveaboard Safari Dive Bali Tulemben
Bali is world renowned as one of the best diving destinations in the world. The tropical climate, good visibility and large diversity of marine life make this the Mecca of divers from across the world. The diving spots are also magnificent and with so many experienced guides on the island, you can bet your experience […]
tube worm
Have you ever wondered about which sea animals can live the longest? Here are some sea animals that you may have never heard of: Turritopsis Nutricula – This hydrozoan has a very long span of life. It is believed to be even immortal. It develops from the larva stage to become a polyp and then it […]
sea animals
As science discovers creation, more and more alien like sea animals are being found. Here are just a few that will leave your mouth agape: Alien Like Sea Animals: Atolla Jellyfish – These can be found in every ocean and live at about 700 meters below sea level. They are bioluminescent and use these lights to escape […]