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North Sulawesi with Abyss Ocean World

Coming up Spring 2026

Liveaboard Safari in North Sulawesi

Join us for an unforgettable diving adventure in North Sulawesi, exploring Bunaken Island, Lembeh Island, and the Bangka Islands.

Bunaken Island: Start with stunning wall dives at Bunaken, where steep coral walls teem with colorful fish, sea turtles, and reef sharks. Crystal-clear waters offer excellent visibility to appreciate the vibrant marine life.

Lembeh Island: Next, dive into Lembeh, the muck diving capital of the world. Encounter unique critters like flamboyant cuttlefish and a plethora of octopus. The black sand slopes are perfect for spotting rare and unusual marine species.

Bangka Islands: Finally, explore the Bangka Islands’ colorful reefs and pinnacles, home to diverse fish and invertebrates. Gentle currents make for relaxing drift dives over spectacular underwater gardens.

Topside, visit local markets, enjoy scenic viewpoints, and explore Tongkoko National Park. Experience the rich culture and natural beauty of North Sulawesi with our Abyss guide who will make your dive trip truly seamless and unforgettable.

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North Sulawesi Dive Safari Logistics


64,950,000 IDR

Prices are in Indonesia Rupiah; Click here to go to


Stay tuned – Spring 2026

International airport



9 nights onboard

Group size

12 divers

Participation requirements

  • Advanced Open Water or its equivalent
  • Over 30 dives


  • Accommodation
  • Full-board
  • 24 dives
  • Diving tanks, weights
  • Complimentary 32% Nitrox for Nitrox certified divers

Not inlcuded

  • International flights
  • Travel and dive insurances
  • Dive equipment
  • 15 liter-tank
  • National Park fee 150,000 IDR
  • Meals on arrival and departure days
  • Personal expenses such as drinks and souvenirs
  • Gratuities

What to bring

  • Dive equipment
  • Clothes
  • Smile

About your guide

Claudine has visited this area multiple times and considers it one of her favorites in the world. What does she love most about this area? The muck diving, encounters with turtles, volcano treks, and the warm smiles of the Manadonese people.

Your 12-Night Itinerary

This itinerary serves as a flexible outline and may be subject to changes.

Day 1 – Welcome to Manado

Day 2-4 – Dive in the Bunaken National Park

Day 5 – Visit to the Highlands which includes a volcano trek, a visit to the extreme market of Tomohon and a few viewpoint and gardens.

Day 6-9 – Dive the famous Lembeh Strait, the mecca of Muck diving. Visit as well the beautiful Tongkoko National Park home to the famous tarsiers of Indonesia.

Day 10-12 – Dive in Bangka Island, the realm of pinnacles.

Day 13 – Goodbye Indonesia, hello Home!

Some of our Favorite Dive Sites in North Sulawesi

Bunaken – Lekuan

Access: Boat   |  Dive type: Wall   |  Depth: 25 meters   |  Current: Mild to Medium

Lekuan is renowned as the premier dive site in Bunaken Marine Park. Its majestic walls adorned with vibrant sponges and corals provide stunning macro and wide-angle photography opportunities. Hello turtles and turtles and turtles as well as, for macro enthusiasts, hello pygmy seahorses, orangutan crabs, nudibranchs, and other fascinating creatures.


Bunaken – Siladen Wall

Access: Boat   |  Dive type: Wall   |  Depth: 25 meters   |  Current: Mild to Medium

Located on the southwest side of Siladen Island, this dive site boasts a vibrant coral wall, showcasing the rich marine life of Bunaken Marine Park. Dive into the depths to encounter larger species like cuttlefish and turtles, as well as an abundance of critters such as nudibranchs and schooling fusiliers.


Lembeh – Nudi Falls

Access: Boat  |  Dive type: Reef, wall, rumbles  |  Depth: 25 meters  |  Current: None to medium

Definitely a highlight of the Lembeh Strait with its half and half type dive site. It is a real nudibranch haven with definitely a few you will never have encountered before. There are just so many, and this is without talking of the numerous sea anemones scattered throughout the site with cardinal Banggai fish. Phenomenal!


Lembeh – Retak Larry

Access: Boat   |  Dive type: Muck   |  Depth: 30 meters   |  Current: None to medium

Bring on the coconut octopus, cuttlefish, rough nose ghost pipefish and the critters of this world. A cool dive site not often visited from other operations, but we are loving it!


Bangka – Batu Mandi

Access: Boat   |  Dive type: Pinnacle   |  Depth: 30 meters   |  Current: Mild to Medium

Situated opposite Bangka Island, near the northern tip of Sulawesi, this dive site features an original topography with a collection of underwater pinnacles emerging from the depths. The pinnacles of this dive site range from 5 to 25 meters and it offers a glimpse into a vibrant underwater world adorned with colorful corals and teeming with reef fish.


Bangka – Sahaung

Access: Boat   |  Dive type: Pinnacle   |  Depth: 25 meters   |  Current: Mild to Medium

Sahaung is probably one of the most renowned dive spots in Bangka, cherished by scuba divers. It features a collection of submerged boulders and pinnacles peeking just above the ocean surface. With two distinct dives exploring separate pinnacles, the underwater landscape offers a gradual slope with multiple shelves as you descend, ranging from 5 to 35 meters deep. What can you hope to encounter? White tip reef sharks, vibrant soft corals, diverse reef inhabitants, occasional pelagic encounters, and swirling schools of fish.

Why Choose North Sulawesi as Your Next Dive Destination?

Natural beauty featuring volcanoes and a flower gardens

Incredibly diverse ecosystem on both land and underwater

Explore the renowned Lembeh Strait for exceptional muck diving

Visit the famous Tongkoko National Park to encounter tarsiers and a plethora of monkeys

Known for its warm hospitality and friendly encounters

Dive with experienced guides from Abyss Ocean World

Consider Other Destinations & Dates

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