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Dive into the extraordinary allure of Puri Jati and Secret Bay, Bali’s dynamic duo of muck diving wonders! Imagine a world where seahorses, seamoths, and grumpy looking frogfish come alive in a captivating underwater scavenger hunt. Brace yourself for a journey where the tiniest marine marvels steal the spotlight, making Puri Jati and Secret Bay the ultimate muck diving playgrounds! Join us for an underwater escapade where surprises await in every sandy nook and cranny.

Get ready for your once-in-a-lifetime underwater adventure! Check out more information about each location – Puri Jati and Secret Bay – and choose your preferred diving spot!

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Puri Jati and Secret Bay Diving Details


  • 2 dives: 1,500,000 IDR

Departure time

Depending on tide’s schedule

Meeting point

Abyss Dive Center


6 to 7 hours depending on length of dives

Group size

Maximum 2 divers per guide

Participation requirements

Minimum requirement: PADI Advanced Open Water, and previous experience with muck diving.


Mask, fins, snorkel, regulator, BCD, wetsuit, dive computer, refreshments, towels and diving fees

What to bring

Bathing suit, reef safe sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, footwear and your most beautiful smile!

About your guide

PADI certified diving guide with lynx eyes to spot the best critters for you.

Dive Sites Overview

Gather at the dive center, our starting point for an approximate 45-minute car ride to either Secret Bay or Puri Jati (each in opposite directions). Upon arrival, we prepare our gear and make a shore entry. Dive times typically range from 75 to 120 minutes, concluding when the first diver hits 50 bars, feels chilly, tired, or hungry. Usually, one extended dive is enough for either site. After resurfacing, relish a well-deserved break with Balinese tea or coffee, warming up as we share tales of the treasures we’ve uncovered.

Read more about each dive site below, and choose your preferred underwater playground!

Secret Bay Gilimanuk, affectionately known as Secret Bay in Bali’s vibrant dive community, is a hidden gem nestled on the northwest corner of the island. This secluded bay boasts a unique characteristic — powerful currents, driven by a reef just beyond its entrance. Functioning as a colossal underwater catch tank, Secret Bay acts as a massive nursery for a myriad of larval fish. These vigorous tidal currents contribute to colder waters, approximately 20-25°C, creating an ideal environment for macro photography enthusiasts.

Diving into the depths of Secret Bay, you’ll encounter an array of marine wonders, from playful frogfish and elusive seahorses to graceful ghost pipefish and the enigmatic wunderpus. The bay’s ecosystem nurtures cuttlefish, sea snakes, sea moths, dragonets, and other captivating creatures. As you venture into this underwater haven, ensure your camera’s battery is fully charged, ready to capture the fascinating encounters with Secret Bay’s captivating inhabitants.

Depth: 1 – 10 meters

Puri Jati is the name of a beach and a temple situated on the coast of Seririt. It features a shallow, black-sand bottom and is an area that muck dive lovers will want to explore.

Bottom dwellers such as sea moths, nudibranchs, cuttlefish, and mimic octopuses can be encountered. Photographers, make sure your batteries are charged and have the proper macro lens ready!

Depth: 1 – 18+ meters

Highlights of Your Puri Jati & Seririt Scuba Diving Day Trip

Check off your specific bucket list of critters

Live this once-in-a-lifetime, extraordinary diving experience

Enjoy scavenger hunt type dives

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