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Pemuteran Transportation Options

We often receive enquires from guests that are already on the Island of Bali. Yet are struggling to make their way to the Northwest of Bali. It takes approximately 4 hours to get to the Northwest coast, and it is worth every minute. Below you will find a detailed break down of how to get to Pemuteran. Including the available routes as well as the various modes of transport available.

This information can be mirrored for a return trip from Pemuteran to the South of Bali

We hope you find this information useful! See you soon in Pemuteran for some great diving!

Things to do in Pemuteran

Pemuteran is a quiet and picturesque beachside village in northwest Bali. Ideal for those seeking some rest and relaxation away from the crowds. Pemuteran has plenty to offer both underwater and on land.

Underwater enthusiasts will enjoy the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Bali.

Pemuteran Bay diving and snorkeling is accessed directly from the black sand beach. Do not miss your chance to snorkel or scuba dive at Menjangan Island. Here you will experience spectacular coral walls and a variety of marine life.

If you are looking for an escape to relax, the Northwest coast is the spot. Enjoy the solitude of the beaches and hills around Pemuteran Bay. Spend time enjoying the low-priced massages, or traditional cooking classes. Also you can go on walks though our quiet backstreets and paths along thriving forests.

How to get to Pemuteran – 5 Routes Available

You can choice one of several routes to get to Pemuteran from the South of Bali, each with different scenery. Below is a description of each.  Distances and time estimates are based on departure from Denpasar International Airport


Traveling through the mountainous region of Bedugul and Munduk is a popular and direct route to get to Pemuteran. When taking this route, you can see rice terraces and a viewpoint of the “twin lakes” (Tamblingan and Buyan).

Distance to Pemuteran: 140 km
Elevation: 1,425 meters
Average Travel Time: 4:00hrs –  4:30hrs


You can also get to Pemuteran Bay through the mountains via Pupuan, known for its exceptional coffee and rice terraces. The Pupuan route is a great option for those wishing to see a more exotic landscape.

Distance to Pemuteran: 135 km
Elevation: 950 Meters
Average Travel Time: 4:00hrs –  4:30hrs

West Coast/Negara

Coastal routes are popular for those who suffer motion sickness or after recent days of scuba diving. The west coast route follows the coastal road from Denpasar to Gilimanuk via Negara.

Distance to Pemuteran: 165 km
Elevation: 175 meters
Average Travel Time: 4:30hrs –  5:00hrs

East Coast/Amed

Another coastal route travels the east coast of Bali through Amed, then west along the north coast to Pemuteran. Stunning views of Bali’s largest volcano, Gunung Agung, as well as rice fields and a beautiful coastline, can be enjoyed during this journey.

Distance to Pemuteran: 235 km
Elevation: 300 meters
Average Travel Time: 6:00hrs –  6:30hrs

From the Island of Java

If traveling from Java, you will take the ferry from Banyuwangi harbor. It is a short crossing of less than 45 minutes to Gilimanuk Harbor in northwest Bali. Once in Bali, it is a short trip east to Pemuteran Bay.

Distance to Pemuteran: 35 km
Elevation: 50 meters
Average Travel Time: 0:45hrs –  1:15hrs

Modes of Transportation to Northwest Bali

There are a variety of transportation options available for getting to Pemuteran Bay. Below we will explain the options so you can choose based on your time, budget, and comfort level.

Private Diver

Hiring a private driver is by far the most popular and convenient way of getting around Bali. Enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle, flexible pickup times, and the ability to stop along the way. The driver will pick you up at a predetermined time and location. Then follow the route to Northwest Bali you selected when booking. To make the most of your time in Bali, it is possible to arrange a half-day of activities during your transfer between north and south Bali. This is our recommended option for traveling to the Northwest of Bali.  We are not a transportation company, but we can help organize this service for you with our driver upon request 👇

From the South of Bali (Kuta/Canggu/Ubud/Sanur) – 850,000 IDR

From the Airport/Nusa Dua/Uluwatu – 950,000 IDR

From the East of Bali (Tulamben/Amed area) – 875,000 IDR

From Lovina / Gilimanuk – 375,000 IDR

Prices valid – June 2023

To book or to get more information, contact us here.

Public Bus

To get to Pemuteran by public transportation, go to Terminal Ubung in Denpasar and take a bus to Gilimanuk. There you will take a small red bus/van to get to Pemuteran. Note: the small red buses do not run at night and operate sporadically. They are also called Bemos in the local language.

Rental Car

You can get to Pemuteran by driving a rental car if you possess a valid driving license and International Driving Permit (IDP). With narrow roads, minimal traffic signals, and motorbike chaos, renting a car is not recommended. you are comfortable driving on the left side of the road and in similar conditions.

For an idea of pricing, renting a car, without a driver, would be roughly 350,000 IDR per day.


Taking a Motorbike is the most affordable and adventurous option for getting to Pemuteran. Motorbikes are available for rent at a low price. It is important that you hold a full motorbike license and IDP. Chaos reigns on Bali roads. It is not advisable to use a motorbike on the Island of Bali unless you are an experienced rider in a similar environment.

Motorbikes can be found between 75,000 and 150,000 IDR per day.


If you have spent time in South Bali, you will likely be familiar with the ride apps, Grab and Gojek. While these are excellent options for getting around the South of Bali, these services do not yet operate in Northwest Bali.

The Bottom Line

Pemuteran is a wonderful location to explore during your time on the Island of Bali. It is also very practical to get to and from here on various budgets. Please contact our team to discuss how we can help you organize your trip around the Island of Bali.

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