Welcome to Menjangan!

Situated in the protected area of Papua Barat National Park, the walls surrounding Menjangan Island are covered with gigantic gorgonian sea fans and soft coral. Clear water, a white-sand beach and coral gardens will charm everyone who snorkels or dives the island.


Come enjoy two fun dives at Menjangan Island. Depending on your certification level and your interest, we could dive some sandy bottom sites, walls, or plateaus. Departure is usually at 8h30 a.m from Pemuteran beach.

1,750,000 IDR

(National Park fees are included)


Enjoy three out of more than 10 dive sites at the island of Menjangan. Let’s dive into some incredible walls with healthy soft corals and gorgonian seafans filled with macro life. Encounter some sharks and turtles on top of the reef. We have plenty to choose from for accommodating all skill levels and interests.

1,950,000 IDR

(National park fees are included)

Discovery Scuba Diving in Menjangan

If you have never tried scuba diving before, Menjangan Island is one of the best places to learn and discover diving with one of our instructors. Learn more about the PADI Discovery Scuba Diving program.

2,200,000 IDR

(National Park fees included)

Dive Sites at Menjangan Island

We are keeping all dive site details in our book of secrets, but here is a little about the three popular sites where we like to take divers:

Eel Garden

Depth : 12 – 45 meters
Description : Impressive wall leading to a sandy bottom at a depth ranging from 35 – 45 meters. This dive site is almost divided into three sections that allow us to change our route depending on the conditions. From one part we have a healthy and impressive wall. We have a cauldron-shaped area with Eel Garden feeding in the current of a sandy bottom area, and we also have a coral garden on a plateau ranging from 5 – 15 meters (be aware of current on this part of the dive).

Dream Wall

Depth : 5 – 32 meters
Description : Right between Anchor Wreck and Sandy Slope, Dream Wall is one of our favorite walls around the island. It offers a nice little plateau at a depth of 8 meters and goes down to around 32 meters. While heading to the east, we can see an overhang at 25 meters which is filled with life. The gorgonian sea fans and the hard and soft coral of the wall will for sure be a diver’s dream. Watch out for turtles on this dive site. 🙂

Underwater Cave

Depth : 6 – 35 meters
Description : Ideal for beginners and more experienced divers, this reef offers a few canyons and caves that are beautiful. The sun rays shining into the cave through light holes will take you to another world. Small whitetip sharks can sometimes be seen in the big cave at around 15 meters deep. Nudibranchs, electric clams and frogfish can also be spotted here.