Abyss Ocean World is a Proud Green Fins Member

What is a Green Fins Pledge?

Green Fins(opens in a new tab) is a worldwide initiative to promote the importance of sustainable use of our marine ecosystem. It is coordinated by The Reef-World Foundation(opens in a new tab) and the UN Environment Programme(opens in a new tab)! This fun, proven approach promotes sustainable diving and snorkeling, aiming to protect our precious coral reefs. With internationally recognized standards and a robust assessment system, Green Fins empowers everyone to make a positive impact. This is in line with the new PADI movement; Seek Adventure – Save the Ocean.

Abyss Ocean World has been a member of Green Fins in Pemuteran since 2018. We have successfully reduced our score between each assessment. We are currently listed on the Top Ten Green Fins in the World.

Yearly Assessments

During the yearly assessment conducted by Green Fins, several key aspects of our operations are evaluated to assess our environmental performance. We love hosting the evaluators for a day of diving each year, allowing them to pinpoint areas where we can fine-tune our efforts. Their external perspective provides valuable insights, helping us continually improve our practices.


Some of the main points assessed include:

Waste Management: This involves evaluating how we manage and dispose of waste generated during dive or snorkel trips, including plastic waste, food waste, and other materials.

Diver Behavior: The assessment looks at how well we educate and guide divers and snorkelers to minimize their impact on the marine environment.

Sustainable Practices: We are assessed on our adherence to sustainable diving and snorkeling practices, including the use of environmentally friendly sunscreen, avoiding fish feeding, and promoting responsible underwater photography.

Equipment Maintenance: The assessment examines how well we maintain and care for our equipment to prevent pollution and damage to the marine environment.

Training and Education: We are evaluated on our efforts to educate staff, divers, and snorkelers about the importance of marine conservation and sustainable diving practices.

The point system used by Green Fins assigns scores to each assessed aspect, with higher scores indicating better environmental performance. Operators strive to achieve the highest possible score by implementing environmentally friendly practices and following Green Fins guidelines.




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Green Fins Pledge


What is the Benefit of Diving with a Green Fins Member?

Diving with a Green Fins member ensures you’re supporting sustainable tourism practices. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your dive experience contributes to marine conservation efforts. Additionally, explore our Green Fins Diver Course to deepen your understanding of eco-friendly diving practices.

Also, each of our dive staff has successfully passed the Green Fins Dive Guide E-Course. The dive guide learns about the responsibilities to educate and inspire daily guests.


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