A 12 Night Dive Safari to 4 different areas around the beautiful island of Bali.

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Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan form the province of Bali which is one of thirty-four province in Indonesia. Being home for approximately 4 million Balinese Hindu, these islands are rich in culture.

A popular tourist destination, Bali is at the southern end of the Coral Triangle which means it is part of and area with the highest biodiversity of marine species in the world. Nourished by a enormous current travelling from the Pacific ocean through to the Indian ocean, it brings nutrients to feed our gorgeous reefs and also pelagic in the Lombok straight.

Volcanoes, rice paddies, black, white  and even pink sand beaches, shallow reefs, lakes, national parks and waterfalls, the island of Bali has a lot of beauty to show off.  The culture of the balinese and their colourful ceremonies are nearly as exciting and rewarding as the diving on this enchanted island.

Abyss Ocean World currently organises 3 different trips in Bali. Each of these trips, offers a completely different experience and explores different area, while maintaining the same level of service and amenities.

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12 Nights & 22 Dives showcasing the best of Bali Diving

Bali hides its best secrets, quietly spread through out the island.  This is why Abyss Ocean World will take you on a trip which encircles the island, from the South to the North from West to East.  Traveling by land, and sleeping in small Resorts, with our custom build diving boat follows along with all the diving equipment. During this trip the focus will be Diving to discover some exceptionally various dive sites with reefs, walls, wrecks and gorgeous black sand bottom. From beginners to advanced divers, for the photographer looking for macro species to the manta rays. Of course, even thought the focus of this safari is diving, there will be several opptunitunitel for  some island excursions to make sure you are getting the full Bali Experience.

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12 Nights, 14 Dives, 2 Volcanoes Giving you the experience on top of the island and below

A safari conceived to showcase the top features Bali has to offer; breathtaking diving along with the highest concentration of volcanoes in the world.  Let us take you diving to the best dive sites across the North coast of Bali showing you the colourful and healthy reefs and its countless diversity. Twice during this trip we will ascend, early morning, to the summit of an active volcano, where we will enjoy the scenery during a truly unforgettable sunrise.

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12 Nights, 14 Dives, and countless chances to relax and explore the Island of the Gods

This safari will focus on exploring the island of Bali, both above and below the water. The days will be a mix of diving, treks, cultural emersion and environmental activities. This journey literally takes our guests around the island of Bali. Diving the Bali Barat National Park and the renown North-East coast.  In Addition to the diving, we will invite you to participate in cooking and craft classes, temple tours, and much more.