Our team is made up of a group of knowledgeable individuals who share several common passions:

  • We all fell in love with the underwater world after our very first breath. Now years later the Abyss team has ten of thousands of dives spanning the globe.
  • We love to travel the world to explore new cultures and environments.
  • We come from a hospitality background, with years of experience in various aspects of guests services
  • And most importantly, we all have an urge to share our adventures with you, both under the sea and on land.

When you make a reservation with Abyss you are choosing to join our team on an unique adventure. Our packages are All inclusive, so we do all the planning and logistics, so you can fully recharge your batteries and enjoy your time in paradise. We pride ourselves in having our guides be part of your diving holiday, allowing them to show you the heart of the destination.

Being a Diving Safari company, we will take you to some of the best-known dive sites in all of Indonesia, as well as some sites that we keep in our book of secrets. Without a doubt we will show you amazing diving, but this is not enough for us… For instance we need to wake you up in the morning and take you to a traditional market to show you the way the local people live their lives.

We will show you temples, waterfalls, rice paddies and even a few forts. No Abyss trip wouldn’t be complete without a stunning sunset view and some happy hour cocktails or a fresh coconut in a hammock on a white sand beach.

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Abyssworld.com has given us the privilege to work along side their company which has been establish for over 20 years, operating safaris in the Philippines and doing excursion around the world. Led by Christophe Paul, this company has been an inspiration and a partner which allows us to offer our guests similar diving holidays around the South East Asian region, while maintaining the same standard and passion.


A big thank you to all our friends who has given us their photos. We love their work, help and trust in our project. They will always be in our heart :

  • Tu Khanh Vuong

  • Sylvain Mandon

  • Christian Laubachen

  • Saki Ono

  • Martin Raymond

  • Christian Laubachen

  • Denny Lhotova

  • Marc Notte

  • Muhammad Said Nurdin


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