Welcome to Pemuteran!

The topography of Pemuteran Bay is enriched by seamounts and an artificial reef created by an initiative of the local inhabitants 15 years ago. For special life, there’s the potential for frogfish, electric clams, halgerdas, nembrothas chromodoris, nudibranchs, seahorses and also some great chances to see whitetip sharks and schools of fusiliers.

2 Fun Dives

Come enjoy two fun dives in the outer reefs of Pemuteran. Depending on your certification level and your interest, we could dive some sandy bottom sites, artificial reefs or big seamounts. Departure is usually at 8 a.m., and we return around 2:30 p.m.

975,000 IDR

3 Fun Dives

Enjoy three of the more than 10 dive sites in Pemuteran Bay. Let’s dive some deep reefs with artificial statues, see macro on the sandy bottom and explore the seamounts of Pemuteran all in one day. We have plenty to choose from to fit your skill level.

1,225,000 IDR –

Head statue covered by coral

Night Dives

We love night dives at Abyss Ocean World. Pemuteran offers some great reefs to see frogfish, Spanish dancers, mandarin fish and much more. We usually choose from three different dive sites we have selected as the most mesmerizing. Note: These dives are done from our boat rather than the beach for more comfort and to witness the best there is to see.

695,000 IDR

Discovery Scuba Diving in Pemuteran

If you have never tried scuba diving before, Pemuteran is a great place to learn and discover scuba diving with one of our instructors. Learn more about our PADI Discovery Scuba Diving program.

1,425,000 IDR

Dive Sites at Pemuteran Bay

We are keeping some information in our book of secrets, but here is a little bit of information about the three popular dive sites where we take divers:

Head statue covered by coral

Temple Wall

Depth : 10 – 30 meters
Description : An underwater temple lies at the feet of a magnificent wall at one end of Pemuteran Bay. Statues and walls have been carefully brought down to create an artificial reef on the sandy bottom. Electric clams, different nudibranchs and sometimes ghost pipefish can be encountered here.

Close Encounter

Depth : 5 – 35 meters
Description : Close Encounter is one of the most famous seamounts in the area. A beautiful sandy patch is mixed in with a healthy reef. It offers some great spots for shelter to juvenile whitetip sharks and also some great encounters with schools of fish.

Deep Reef

Depth : 12 – 32 meters
Description : Deep Reef is one of our favorite macro dive sites. There is a great chance to see electric clams, nembrothas, halgerdas, chromodoris, flatworms and much more as well as maybe an octopus, cuttlefish, or more surprises.