Scuba Diving in Indonesia: Join us in 5 Distinct Areas that Offer Different Experiences

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Indonesia is where Abyss Ocean World is proud to call home. The country is so vast, it’s difficult to fathom the size and diversity of cultures and ecosystems. There are officially more than 17,000 islands in the archipelago, ranging in size from Sumatra (480,000 square kilometers and the sixth largest island in the world) to Arborek, an island you can walk around in about 15 minutes.

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Due to the number of islands in Indonesia, this country has developed an astonishing amount of diversity, from culture and religion to food and lifestyles. This diversity is one of the reasons Abyss Ocean World includes all its meals in our packages. We are able to present you a wide array of authentic dishes from the archipelago. There are numerous areas throughout the country that are considered the creme de la creme for divers, trekkers, yogis, extreme sports enthusiasts, beach-going families, and even world travelers just trying to find a beach without footprints.

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Indonesia is proud of having 50 national parks and more than 100 marine protected areas spread throughout the country, a total area of more than 157,000 square kilometers (enough to fit 30 times inside the island of Bali)! In recent years, Indonesia has allocated a significant percentage of the country’s national budget to protecting its resources and educating people on how to protect their beautiful ecosystems. This new momentum for conservation mixed with the already staggering size and diversity of the country ensures for years that some of the best diving and travel destinations in the world will remain safe. Abyss Ocean World currently organizes trips in five distinct areas of Indonesia. Each of these locations offers a completely different experience, and our guides will show you the highlights of each one. Nothing is better than scuba diving in Indonesia!

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Bali isn’t just famous for its beaches, temples and diving, but also for its heritage and culture. Balinese people are known around the world for their hospitality and positive outlook. Predominately Hindu, the Balinese are full of life; there is always a celebration to join.

Within a short distance of the coastline, runs some of the most nutrient-rich currents in Southeast Asia. Those currents provide plenty of opportunities to cross off some items on your diving wish list: denise pygmy seahorses, oceanic manta rays, giant mola-molas, harlequin shrimp and more!

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Komodo National Park covers an area of almost 2,200 square kilometers and is said to be the most visited national park in Indonesia. Komodo offers both liveaboards and small island resorts which allow you uninterrupted access to the best of the area. The nutrient-rich currents are being funneled into the small straits that make up Komodo National Park, causing dives to be action packed! There are schools of fish in all directions and plenty of opportunities for seeing the larger pelagic life common there. No worries for beginners as there are numerous sites that are protected from the fast-moving currents.

Our team will seamlessly budget your time between the countless dive sites, untouched white-sand beaches, and of course, marveling at the size and power of the notorious Komodo dragons.

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Come and explore the wonders of the four kings with our experienced Abyss Ocean World guides. Raja Ampat has everything a diver longs for: untouched colorful reefs, schools of barracudas, trevallies, snappers, oceanic manta rays, wobegongs, and let’s not forget the numerous nudibranch species, pygmy seahorses and much more macro life.

Our guides will make sure to also introduce you to some of the kindest people in Indonesia while visiting a couple of villages, exploring some caves and attempting to get a closer look at the colorful birds of paradise.

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The last frontier

Alor is not yet considered a national park, but the government and people of Alor are treating it as such. The Alor archipelago’s main two islands are named Pantar and Alor; they are treated like a jewel by their inhabitants for a reason. Don’t worry about destructive fishing techniques. Instead, local methods such as bamboo traps or a unique technique with sticks and elastic bands are used by kids and fishermen. The strait between the islands has one of the biggest flows of water traveling from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. This brings in a lot of nutrients and pelagic life; it also give us astonishing coral reefs.


If you have dreamed of visiting somewhere that is not on this list, then please contact us. We are frequently putting together exploration trips to research the next great diving destination Indonesia has to offer.