Komodo National Park

Pink frogfish

This area is made up of three main islands (Komodo, Padar, Rinca) as well as over 20 smaller islands. Originally declared a nature reserve in 1938 to protect the famous dragons, through the years its level of protection and conservation efforts have slowly expanded to cover 1,733km2 of land and sea with the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The park is located in the Lesser Sudan Islands in the South of Indonesia. In the region you have numerous small straits that are the final checkpoint for the unfathomable amount of water that is traveling from the Pacific Ocean in the North through Indonesia to the Indian Ocean in the South. Not only does this movement of water give Komodo its famous currents, but also gives it a daily supply of fresh nutrients to feed some of the most bio diverse reefs in the Coral Triangle.

When these nutrient rich currents meet with the underwater topography of this region the result is breathtaking. Large schools of fish showing their strength in numbers, while the predators show their agility in maneuvering around the school to get a quick snack. Of course with a manta or two effortlessly gliding above

Though Komodo is famous for its currents its not the only thing we see here. The underwater macro life here will impress as much as the dragons them selves, and if that’s not enough there are numerous white, black and even pink sand beaches for a relaxing walk in the sun.

Aurora ship bali

The Aurora

11 nights, 25 dives all from the comfort of the Aurora
September 17th-28th, 2019
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This will be nine nights onboard the Aurora, giving us enough time to explore and witness the best that this region has to offer. Operating since 2010, this 40 meter Indonesian Pinisi has been our primary charter vessel since its maiden voyage, so you can assure that the Abyss team and the crew of the Aurora will deliver you an exceptional vacation.

Angel Island

Land & Sea

7 nights onboard the Aurora, 4 nights at Angel Island Resort
September 24th – October 7th 2017
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This trip will combine the bests of both worlds. Starting with 7 nights on-board the Aurora we will explore some of the more remote and unique dive sites in the area. Once we have had our fill we will then head to Angel Island where we will spend the remaining 4 nights diving the reefs around this secluded beach laden island. This trip is great for someone who wants to experience a Liveaboard but isn’t convinced on spending his or her entire vacation on one boat.

Damai boat bali

A Touch of Luxury

This all inclusive experience of 6 nights, 20 Dives will leave you speechless
May 23rd – May 31st 2018
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Renowned as one of the most luxurious Liveaboard within Indonesian, the Damai II will be our home for this six night exploration of the National Park. This 40 meter traditional Indonesian Pinisi has been equipped and designed with the highest levels of service in mind. From the spacious design of the cabins, to the unprecedented quality of the meals, this trip will truly define the standard of your future liveaboards travels.