Welcome to the North Coast of Bali!

Join us for a 2-dive experience to any of these locations : Secret Bay, Puri Jati, Tulamben or Amed
Each area of Bali’s north coast offers some great macro diving. While Secret Bay and Puri Jati are purely muck diving and looking for critters on a sandy bottom, Tulamben offers an incredible wreck where life can be easily spotted.

2 dives in Secret Bay or Puri Jati

To help you enjoy the best experience, we usually organize the schedule based on tides to offer optimal visibility and sea conditions with less current. Spot seahorses, ghost pipefishes, uncommon nudibranchs, frogfishes, upside-down jellyfishes, cuttlefishes, octopuses of all kind, and much more.

1,275,000 IDR

3 dives in Tulamben or Amed

Enjoy three dives in the region such as the USAT Liberty Wreck, and Seraya Secret. For macro fanatics, underwater photographers, or simply the passionate diver who wishes to explore more dive sites but still come back to the comfort of Pemuteran  after a day of diving. Fit for all certified divers.

Departure is usually around 4h30 a.m. We return around 5 p.m. for a full day of experiencing the wonders of the East.

2,095,000 IDR

Dive Site Information

We are keeping some information in our book of secrets, but here is a little bit about the popular dive sites where we take divers:

Secret Bay

Depth : 1 – 10 meters
Description : Situated on the northwest corner of Bali, this hidden bay offers a lot for macro lovers and people who love the challenge of finding critters. Those critters can be: frogfishes, seahorses, ghost pipefishes, wunderpus, cuttlefish, sea snakes, sea moths, dragnets, and tohers. Get the camera ready for some great underwater creatures!

Puri Jati

Depth : 1- 18 meters +
Description : Puri Jati is the name of a beach and a temple that is situated on the coast of Seririt. It has a shallow, black-sand bottom and is an area that muck dive lovers will want to discover. Bottom dwellers such as sea moths, nudibranchs, cuttlefish, mimic octopuses will be encountered. Photographers, make sure your batteries are charged!

USAT Liberty Wreck

Depth : 1 – 35 meters +
Description : The USAT Liberty wreck is probably on a lot of diver’s bucket lists. This wreck is situated in the village of Tulamben at the base of Mount Agung. It allows us to encounter numerous bumphead parrotfish, trevallies, groupers, ghost pipefishes, moray eels, garden eels, ruban eels and much more.

Seraya Secret

Depth : 1 – 40 meters +
Description : A little south of the wreck, we have a long stretch of sand that gives us an incredible macro dive site known as Seraya Secret. From the beach or a boat, this gentle, black-sand slope offers us honeycomb moray eels, frogfishes, various types of nudibranchs such as thecacera, nembrotha, mexichromis and pygmy seahorses.


Depth : 5 – 30 meters +
Description : Leaf scorpionfishes, pygmy seahorses, gloomy tambja, hawksbill turtles and ruban eels wait for us. Dive some of the most exciting artificial reefs of the island in the north of Amed.