Welcome to Nusa Penida!

Join us for a dive experience in Padang Bay or Nusa Penida!

Famous for drift diving, manta rays and Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida offers hard and soft coral along with a chance to see pelagic marine life. During the months of August, September and October, the island provides a great chance to get close to sunfishes (mola-molas). All year round, regardless of the sea conditions, we can see reef and oceanic mantas traveling to the cleaning stations at Manta Bay and Manta Point.

2 dives in Padang Bay (upon request only for groups of 4 and more divers)

This area has numerous choices at our disposal. Blue Lagoon has a white-sand bottom and coral garden; it offers a great chance to enjoy turtles, cuttlefishes, and several species of nudibranchs. Jepun is an artificial reef with a wreck that was sunk as part of the reef to attract rays, eels, frogfish, cuttlefish, and much more. When we dive The Jetty, have your camera fully charged for frogfish, stonefish, waspfish, flabelina, sea moths, flying gurnards, and a few more surprises.

2,095,000 IDR

2 dives in Nusa Penida (upon request only for groups of 4 and more divers)

Enjoy two dives around the island of Nusa Penida.
Nusa Penida is famous for drift diving, manta rays, Crystal Bay, hard and soft coral and pelagic life. During August, September and October, Nusa Penida offers an opportunity to get close to sunfishes, also known as mola-molas. Throughout the year, regardless of sea conditions, we can get close to reef and oceanic mantas traveling to the cleaning stations of Manta Bay and Manta Point.
A minimum of four divers is needed to make this trip a memorable one.

2,195,000 IDR

Information About the Dive Sites

We are keeping all the details in our little book of secrets, but here is some information regarding three popular dive sites we visit:

Blue Lagoon

Depth : 2 – 40 meters +
Description : Situated in a small bay between Padang Bay and Amuk Bay, this corner has two different dive sites: one a nice-and-gentle sandy slope that leads to a magnificent wall, and another that starts with a gentle, sandy slope that leads to a hard-coral reef where it is possible to encounter cuttlefish and turtles. For macro lovers, wall lovers and turtle lovers, this dive site is filled with surprises!

The Jetty

Depth : 2 – 16 meters +
Description : This jetty is a must for macro and muck diving lovers. From jonolus nudibranchs and painted frogfish to cuckatoos fish and seahorses, it has a little of everything. The pillar of this abandoned jetty is just pure beauty when the lights come across and we have good visibility. Thousands of small bait fish being chased by jacks or little clouds of puffer fish gently hover all along this dive site. You will want to dive here!

Hard coral reef view from above

Tepekong/Mimpang Islands

Description : This is a group of small islands and submerged rocks off the coast of Padang Bay. Underwater, it is a paradise of hard coral, cuttlefish, turtles, reef sharks and sometimes, if we are lucky, mola-mola. These sites must be dived with caution regarding the tides and require an advance level of diving.


Depth : 2 – 35 meters +
Description : If you want to see healthy reef, here it is! A gorgeous slope of hard and soft coral is found along the east coast of Nusa Penida. Turtles drift along with you, and sometimes there is a surprise visit from sunfishes. Drift divers, this is where you want to come.

Manta Point

Depth : 6 – 40 meters +
Description : This is a cleaning station for giant manta rays that offers snorkeling and diving for all skill levels. This dive site can be dived in multiple ways. Some divers prefer to hang out by the wall to have a chance of seeing pelagics other than mantas. Meanwhile, other divers prefer to stay at the cleaning station and observe the behaviour of the many mantas that come here to feed, get cleaned and meet their soulmates.

Crystal Bay

Depth : 5 – 60 meters +
Description : Crystal Bay is a famous dive site mainly for two reasons: mola-mola and the current. Only advanced divers with a minimum of 60 dives will be able to join us on this trip due to sometimes strong-and-unpredictable currents. The currents can be going up, down or sideways. Beautiful visibility of a seamount attached to the small rock in the bay allows us to dive close to the reef or to follow the sandy bottom before the deep blue begins.