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Top ocean documentaries title with an ocean seafloor background

Top Environmental and Ocean Documentaries

Discover our favorite environmental and ocean documentaries (13 in total). We are lucky to have access to have so much information nowadays with the power of the internet and new technologies. We are super grateful to all these cinematographers to help educate us on issues that are happening 


Oceans – Ocean documentary – 2010

How can Disney go wrong? They can’t. After the documentary Earth in 2009, Oceans came out in 2010 and is one of the most beautiful and funny documentaries about our oceans. Our blue planet is an incredible and beautiful place. I wouldn’t be scared to claim this documentary to be my favorite, as it is positive, beautiful, and incredibly done.

Racing Extinction – Environmental and ocean documentary – 2015

Racing Extinction is an eye-opening documentary. What challenges are we facing with the extinction of hundreds of species over such a short period? From the jungle of South America to the depth of the ocean in Indonesia, this documentary touched the impact of human beings on species that have no voice. This film is one of the most explicit on human activities’ impact on life on the planet. The multidisciplinary team is calling us to start with one thing, to start with one change. We can make a difference.

Mission Blue – Ocean documentary – 2014

Sylvia Earle is a superhero of modern times. Marine biologist, oceanographer, and environmentalist she is the Jane Goodall of the sea. This documentary highlights her career and her years of experience in the ocean. Mrs Earle, is helping us understand the importance of coral conservation and the cycles of the ocean. She is alarming us to wake up and make changes. We wrote a blog about this documentary when it was released. Check it out here.

Blue Planet I and II – Ocean documentary – 2001 – 2017

How can you go wrong with an ocean documentary from the BBC and narrated by Sir David Attenborough? You can not. This docu-series dig deep into the ocean to show its beauty, complexity, and challenges. Dan and I had this series playing at our first dive center continuously. The images are spectacular. People of all ages can now see the incredible life living under the surface of the ocean. It is no longer reserved for scientists and scuba divers.

Before the flood – Environment documentary – 2016

Climate change is at the earth of this environmental documentary. Leonardo DiCaprio takes us around the globe to witness the damages caused by pollution. Few documentaries talk about the carbon footprint, oils companies, and their impact. It is not too late to change, but we need to change fast. What we loved about this documentary are the powerful messages and images. It also shows the solution to those problems. Let’s believe in science, and let’s adopt a better lifestyle to live in harmony with mother nature.

Blackfish – Animal in captivity documentary – 2013

As a young kid, my favorite movies were Free Willy, Flipper, and La Grenouille et La Baleine (Yes, a 1990 French Canadian movie, AMAZING). Blackfish shows the Seaworld’s backstage. Seaworld is one of the biggest amusement park chain. This documentary is touching and alarming. Seven years after this documentary, they are starting new shows with orcas back in the USA.

The walrus and the whistleblower – Animal in captivity documentary – 2020

This documentary is controversial for activists and politicians. It shines the lights on marine creatures and animals in captivity. After The Cove and Blackfish documentaries, The walrus and the whistleblower is getting laws to change.

Jane Goodall – The Hope – Environment and animal documentary – 2020

This documentary is not an ocean or directly linked to the environment. BUT, its message of hope from the queen of the jungle is inspiring for the conservation of our planet. She has worked, observed, and studied chimpanzees for over two decades in Africa and Asia. This movie filled us up with laughter and hope.

Shark water – Ocean documentary – 2006

I am pretty sure a lot of scuba divers are avid lovers of sharks. We tend to be fascinated by these beautiful and powerful creatures. In this ocean documentary, biologist Rob Stewart brings us on his journey to educate us on sharks. He also joins forces with Paul Watson from Sea Shepherds to track down shark poachers.

Seaspiracy – Environmental and ocean documentary – 2021

This new ocean and environment documentary came out on March 24th, 2021. Even though its message does not seem to be clear, Seaspiracy is an incredible showcase of issues in the fishing industry. Does sustainability exist? What about fish farming? What about bycatch or slavery on the ocean? Seaspiracy touches a lot of different aspect of the fishing industry that needs to be heard. If you can afford to avoid eating fish, then do not eat fish. Intrigued about how to change your diet? Check out the documentary Game changer (plant-based diet documentary).

Special mention for other environmental and ocean documentaries :

The Cove

A Life on Our Planet

A Plastic Ocean 

We are hoping you enjoyed our top watched environment and ocean documentaries 🙂

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