In Diving Course
written by Claudine Daigneault

While we are mainly in confinement at home, worldwide, it is a great opportunity to start an online class. This online class being about scuba diving,  shark education or how to create new website … The difference choices are as wide as your imagination.

Different platform have made accessibility to their website at a great discount such as Open Class Room.

Learning online has great advantage:

1- No travel time to and from your class

2- Learning at your own rhythm (great flexibility)

3- Study in a comfortable environment of your home


E-Learning from home

PADI E-Learning from the comfort of your home

Different online class related to scuba diving are available on PADI’s platform :

1- PADI Open Water Course (entry level)

2- PADI Advanced Open Water (advanced level)

3- Enriched Air Diver – Nitrox classroom (speciality)

4- Dive Master Course (professionnel level)

25% off until April 30th

We encourage you to take the next step

We encourage you to use this time at home to register now for your next PADI Courses while the advantage is considerable and that you have the time. It is a great way as well to encourage local businesses by supporting them knowing they will have your visit in the near future. This also is comfortable for you as this is a small commitment on your course but not necessarily on the time line, which may be hard at this particular time.

Farewell …

Wishing all of you a fun, productive and healthy quarantine.

Here is the link to purchase your E-Learning.

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