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Night dives – the right scuba gear

Sea cucumber - night dive
Sea cucumber and blue starfish during a night dive
written by James Donaldson

How the Right Scuba Gear Equipment Can Enhance Your Night Diving Experience

Are you a practiced scuba diver looking for a way to take your experience up a notch? Maybe you’re just looking to try something new on your next vacation. Regardless of your reasons, night diving in Indonesia could be a great new adventure to add to your bucket list.

Night diving is a thrilling way to experience the underwater world from a new perspective. Certain marine life and seascapes are visible at night that otherwise wouldn’t be spotted during the day. With the right opportunity and the right gear, night diving can be one of the most beautiful, peaceful ways to enjoy the world beneath the surface:

The right scuba gear can enhance visibility during night dives

Not only can the right gear make it easier to see what’s living in the ocean after dark, it can also make you more visible. While you explore the brightly colored coral reefs in Indonesia, your dive light will also help your partner keep track of you and help you keep track of them. While you spot new fish and underwater species that you haven’t seen before, the reflective tape on your scuba suit will show your location when someone on your team or dive boat is looking for you.

Daytime diving doesn’t necessarily require a dive light, unless you plan to explore caves or sunken ships, but at night, it is a must-have. Without it, you will likely get lost or lose track of your exit point.

It can be fun, while on your dive, to turn off your light for a few minutes and let your eyes adjust to the dark. You’ll be amazed at what you can see!

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The right scuba gear can keep you safe on night dives

Not only will you be more visible with the right diving gear, you’ll also be much more safe. It’s easy to lose your sense of depth when the water is as dark as the night sky. You’ll need to have both depth and submersible pressure gauges to alert you of when you’ve gone too far or when you’re running low on oxygen in your tank. It’s important to check your gauges often, especially on a night dive.

A dive computer can also inform you of your skin temperature and heart rate to ensure your body is adjusting to the water properly. It can keep track of your data as well, if you’d like to improve or adjust your levels on your next dive. 

The right scuba gear can make your night dive more efficient

Depending on your goals and the nature of your dive, your gear can help you be more efficient. In the dark, for instance, a retractable gear tether can ensure that none of your equipment floats off or gets lost. You can also invest in diving boots or socks that can keep you warm and protect your feet if you’re entering the water from the shore.

If you’re trying to cover a lot of ground on your night dive, you may want to look into advanced underwater people moving technology or fins that can save you energy. Even the right scuba suit and breathing apparatus can make your night dive more efficient, so do your research and find what works best for you.

Sea cucumber - night dive
Sea cucumber and blue starfish during a night dive

The right scuba gear can make your night dive more memorable

With a new look at the underwater world, you’ll experience vibrant new coral colors and a variety of nocturnal marine life. Your next night dive may be a great opportunity to improve your underwater photography skills or try out a new piece of technology. There are a number of underwater cameras and drones available to purchase or rent, each with different capabilities and functions.

If you’re getting your feet wet with night diving, ask around at local surf shops to get professional advice on the right gear for your next excursion, as well as some fun new equipment to make your dive unique. A little research goes a long way and with a little preparation, you’ll have everything you need for a safe and successful night dive.

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