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Written by;  Laura Juschkat

My diving diary started even before I began writing it

Let’s start with a small introduction of who I am and why I am writing my diving diary.

Since I was a little child my dad shared with me his passion for the ocean.  The immense blue that surrounds us, protects us and gives us life.

I followed my father everywhere. While I waited impatiently to see him return from his dives, I scoured the rocks and shallows to see the wonderful life lurking below the surface.

To this day i can not explain what really attracts me to the sea. I suppose it’s the result of all the feelings I have discovered watching and listening to it throughout my life…

Just a couple of years ago I decided to do my Open Water course. Since then, I have butterflies in my stomach every time I enter the water for a dive. There will be many things in life that we will like… But society just teaches us to follow only one path in order to reach the “climax” of happiness.

Between clouds and storms I asked myself a simple question:

Why don’t we try to experience as many things  as possible? After all, we are only living once, aren’t we?

A girl floating on the surface of the ocean while thinking of writing my diving diary

Me on the surface of the ocean while thinking about writing my diving diary

Choosing the right Dive Center

After much thinking and searching I decided to contact Abyss Ocean World. 

This PADI 5 Star Dive Resort captivated me for its professionalism and flexibility of the Divemaster Internship. Another big reason was their commitment to be environmentally sustainable and their efforts to protect the ocean.

I thought the PADI Divemaster Internship is a direct gateway to the knowledge and understanding of what I love! Giving me the opportunity to learn and become a dive professional, and all of this achieved in a paradisiacal environment… 

Arriving in Paradise

BALI. The island of the Gods, protective of the ring of fire in Indonesia. Full of volcanoes, beaches, mountains, vibrant culture and a thousand secret things to discover. What could I lose embarking on this adventure? Nothing, but I could have lost everything staying at home. I took my luggage, my courage and purchased a oneway flight.

I have been here for a few months now… So I see myself with enough clarity to say in a loud and clear voice that I was definitely RIGHT to gamble on this episode of my life.

The dive center I chose to do my Divemaster Internship at is located in the small fishing village of Pemuteran in North West Bali. Besides doing my PADI Internship I am learning the Indonesian language, connecting with locals, making new international friends and drinking coffee while I wait ;).

It is difficult to put words into so many great feelings but I’m in paradise; learning with a great team who accepts me, teaches me and cares for me.

My Diving Diary – Padi Divemaster Internship

To create a good memory about this chapter in life, I feel it is important to write down my experiences. Why not create a blog about my professional dive training?

I encourage you to travel with me through this journey. I will be including detailed information about my PADI training in a series of blogs over the coming months.  

Do you want to accompany me?

May my words inspire you to live one of the best experience of your life.

~ Jus

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