Plastic free audit over 31 days
How can I start living plastic-free – 8 easy tips? Impact of plastic on our ocean Since we officially opened our door in 2015, our team has been conducting beach clean-ups and underwater clean-ups. We have noticed an impact of our consumption on the ocean, and we have seen it increasing over the years. Plastic-free […]
Top ocean documentaries title with an ocean seafloor background
Written by Claudine Daigneault Top Environmental and Ocean Documentaries Discover our favorite environmental and ocean documentaries (13 in total). We are lucky to have access to have so much information nowadays with the power of the internet and new technologies. We are super grateful to all these cinematographers to help educate us on issues that […]
Coral Gardener
A Review of the Coral Conservation Course offered by Biosphere Foundation A Group of Inspiring Individuals Before we can get onto the review of the Coral Conversation Course, we must first set the stage. On Sept 26th, 1991, eight scientists entered the airlock door of the Biosphere 2 domed structure. They spent the next two […]
Scuba Divers with Trash Bags underwater
Last year, our team decided to adopt a dive site in Pemuteran Bay. We did this thought our My Ocean account with Project Aware. Our goal was to do our part to keep the marine environment plastic free. We want to give the reefs a fair chance at survival. Our team would do scuba dives […]
a diver taking a break after a Dive Against Debris
Project Aware’s Dive Against Debris Speciality My PADI Divemaster Internship included some extra specialities to further develop my diving skills and abilities.   One of my favourite specialities was the Dive Against Debris Specialitiy What is Project AWARE? Project AWARE is a registered nonprofit organisation working to support divers acting in their own communities to […]
Since Abyss Ocean World has officially open in 2016, we have participated and organized quite a few beach clean up. At a small scales, we were living in the moment and feeling like we were helping the conservation of all marine life and therefore, the planet. What do you need to organise a beach clean […]
sylvia-earle-Blue mission - Abyss Ocean World
Mission blue an ocean documentary you must watch Living in a remote village of Bali, our team does not have an easy access to recent movies and documentaries. If I am not mistaken, Netflix is also banned to watch, so we use a VPN. Over the past years we have often watched movies that were […]