aqwary diving machine
Nowadays, everyone is on their social media whenever wherever. One thing that we have never been able to do is playing with our social media underwater. The latest smartphones that we know of are water resistant, not waterproof. What if we say that now divers can text underwater? Even send Facebook post! A company called […]
The first step in the right direction to protect coral reefs, is to not cause any more stress to the corals. Divers with reckless diving behavior will definitely destroy every opportunity the corals have of surviving the extreme environmental challenges they are facing. One of the most important rules that you have to follow as a diver is not […]
oxygen rebreather abyss
Curious about how the future dive gear may look like? Let’s take an enjoyable look at future technology explorations and gadgets that may be your future underwater kit. It would be fair to say that the dive gear and the technological complexity have made a giant stride the last ten to fifteen years. The gadgets are following […]
If you are new shooter with your new camera, it’s time to realize that DSLR camera have so many settings, menu items for customization and features which are not easy to navigate around. Sometimes one simple change in the settings can solve all the problems of your underwater shooting. So now we provide you with […]
Coral bleached
Mass bleaching caused by climate change continues to threaten coral reefs all over the world. Do you know what causes these problems? If you guess Global Warming, you are correct although there are other major contributions besides the heat. Find out what and how Coral Reefs are bleached and threatened. Number 1 Coral reefs threats […]