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Posting Facebook Underwater

aqwary diving machine

Nowadays, everyone is on their social media whenever wherever. One thing that we have never been able to do is playing with our social media underwater. The latest smartphones that we know of are water resistant, not waterproof. What if we say that now divers can text underwater? Even send Facebook post!

aqwary facebook underwater
Pic credit : Deeperblue

A company called Aqwary strikes again. With its Smart Console, divers can text a laptop on a dive boat which will be transmitted to Facebook through internet. This device has four hydrophones that links with another unit, sending ultrasound data up to up to 100 meters/328 feet. The apps can do various things such as compassing the location of a diver. With the big view, this device is easy to look at underwater.

When it comes to pricing, this device is available for a big big price. Bundled this Smart Console with a quick connector, HP hose and five apps such as Compass, Dive Computer, Image Viewer, Buddy Viewer, and List Viewer, then you will have to pay USD 1,200 or 1,076 Euros to bring it home. The dual pack, which means you will get two Smart Consoles, their accessories as well as apps, is as expensive as USD 2,350 or 2,108 Euros.

Do you think the price worth the Facebook post you share? We think Smart Console is very handy to understand the status of our dive buddy. Especially that this device can also track the status of a diver’s oxygen supply, location, as well as depth. Making emergency rescue so much easier when needed. In terms of social media, it will come back to how often and important it is individually. With or without this Smart Console, make sure that you are diving cautiously. If you are not yet a certified diver, make sure to get your certification here at Abyss.

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