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Improve Buoyancy Control and Enjoy Diving Even More

Are you one of those divers who has great control of your position? Or are you one of most divers who still struggle to steady yourself? Just admit it and do not hesitate to take a look on a few tips on to improve your buoyancy control. The easiest ways to feel more comfortable with your buoyancy is by spending hours in the water practicing the hover. But, you need more than that to perform this skill perfectly every time.

buoyancy control device

Start from Zero
Start by letting all the air out of you Buoyancy Control Device (BCD). This is something that you should not skip. If you start from zero, then you’ll end up with a more accurate idea of how many bursts of air you need to add to make yourself neutrally buoyant. This amount will surely change as you enter deeper and more pressure in ocean, but if you practiced in the pool before, adding air to your BCD as you dive will be more natural for you.

Get Some Momentum – The Right Way
When adding a small burst of air into your BCD doesn’t change being negatively buoyant and you are still kneeling on pool floor. After each small burst and another big breath to your BCD still doesn’t get yourself off the ground. Add one more small burst and take another big breath to let you float weightlessly neither touching the floor nor breaking the surface of the pool. If you can stay in the middle of the water then you have achieved neutral buoyancy.

Get to Know Your Breathing
Once you reach this stage, the real works begins here. You need to keep yourself floating. You need to rely only on your breath. Take a small breaths in. The less generous your breaths, the more steadily you will stay at the same depth. Pick a fixed point, and work on your breathing until you get the pattern to keep you steady and staring at one point.

Pick a Position
You can figure out comfortable position for hover. Just make sure the position help you steady yourself so that changes in depth do not feel so big. Once you find the best position for you, don’t move. Just focus and remain motionless at the same depth.

Weight Yourself Properly
Distribute your weights evenly to avoid that distracting tilt. Your perfect hover will be useless if you are not wearing the correct amount of weight. Take a time to perform a buoyance check every time. Even after you feel you are perfectly practiced you hover in the pool, you will still need to perform another buoyancy check.

With a bit of practicing, the difficult buoyancy control before will be just a myth for you. Soon you’ll be ready to do diving with our experienced divers at abyss ocean world in a complete control. Get ready to enjoy an no other diving experience with abyss.

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