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Diving Accessories for a Safer Dive

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Sometimes it can feel like the accessories you have for scuba diving are too many.  If you are not sure what to take with you and what to leave, here are 6 of the most important ones!


  1. Slate – These are fantastic for teaching, mapping, surveying and identifying fish. However, if you are out on a fun dive, there is no need to have one.  You can say whatever you need to with hand signals.  If you need a slate but would also like to be hands-free, consider a flip-book slate.  It is small yet big enough to write on.
  2. DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy) – This is a great solution for safety. By deploying one of these right from under the water, the boat can identify your position and come over to pick you up. It may not be the most convenient thing to carry but the safety it offers makes it worthwhile.  An empty one can also be rolled into a small package to save space.
  3. Flashlight – If you are looking to go diving at night, to go for a deep dive, dive a cave or a wreck or even go for a macro dive, you will need a good flashlight. Of course if you will not be doing any specialty dives and can do without one there is no need to carry it.
  4. Reel – Your DSMB must be attached to your reel. If you do not do so and proceed to deploy it to the surface, you will find yourself going to the surface alongside it.  There are people who prefer to use a ticker.  However, tickers tend to only be 5m long and tend to tangle easily.  A reel is a great accessory to take with you because it can be put to multiple uses.
  5. Knife – If you need to cut something or cut yourself loose, having a knife is necessary. There are many different varieties available – serrated, blunt tip, sharp tip, titanium, intimidating big ones, elegant small ones and so many more.  Your budget and taste will determine what you purchase. You want to ensure it does not get in your way during the dive and that it can be reached with either hand.
  6. Whistle – Your DSMB is what you will use as a visual signaling device but you still need to have an audible device. A whistle works well. It is small, cheap and will definitely come in handy should you need support at the surface.


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