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Here’s how to keep Your Scuba Dive Gears Well Maintained

diving Multicolor fins

Most people will try to find out how they can buy their dive gears at a bargain price, but the best way to save on dive gears is to take really good care of the gear you purchase. Here are some tips that can help:

Maintain your scuba dive gears - mask

Mask – Use baby shampoo to clean your mask. Not only does it defog, but it also leaves it smelling sweet and does not irritate the eyes. Clean your mask by simply soaking it in warm fresh water so the salt can dissolve. You can also scrub it using a toothbrush. Towel it dry and store it in a dry, cool place away from sunlight. When you are travelling for scuba diving, wrap it to protect the lenses from scratches.

BCD – Start by soaking it in fresh water before cleaning both the outside and the inside. Fill it with water and then use your mouth to inflate it so that water can swoosh around inside it. Use the mouthpiece to drain out the water as you hold it upside down, squeeze it and then depress the deflator.  Be sure to remove any wet air that may be trapped inside before hanging it away from direct sunlight in a dry and cool area. Before packing it for travel, make sure that it is dry.  It is quite durable but avoid packing it close to something that can put a hole in it.

Wetsuit – Again, soak it in fresh warm water for just a few minutes before kneadmaintaining your scuba dive gears - fins ing it and then rinsing it thoroughly. You should then turn it and repeat the process of kneading and rinsing in order to clean the inside. Use mild detergent to clean it and do not put it in the washer or dryer. Store it in a cool and dry place. Hang it by folding it over a hanger not made of wire and keep the zippers open. Then turn it so that it also dries on the inside. There are no special instructions for storing it while travelling since it is quite durable.

Fins – Again, soak in fresh water so the salt can dissolve. Keep it away from sunlight in a dry and cool place. Let your fins lie vertically on the ground or hang them using the strap. When travelling, pack them so they do not bend.

Regulator – After a dive be sure that the dust cap is dried prior to replacing it. Soak it in warm fresh water before rinsing it. You can use some anti-bacterial cleaner for the mouthpiece. Keep it away from direct sunlight in a dry and cool place. When travelling, you can use a padded bag or wrap it in your clothes.

Now you know that keeping your diving gears well maintained will not be as expensive as buying new ones. Plan your next scuba diving trips with us! You can choose either Bali, Komodo or Raja Ampat as your favorite destination, and we’ll be happy to welcome you there! Don’t forget to bring your well maintained gears.

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