Diver's selfie
As a proud GreenFins dive center, we would like to share with you the best practices to become an environmentally responsible diver. There are many signs of environmental damage underwater. Scuba diving poses a risk to the environment and it is for this reason that each diver must become an eco-friendly diver. Best tips to become […]
three Clown fish
The anemone fish has made a name for itself by adapting to live protected within the stinging tentacles of anemones. These are actually plants that have the ability to move around in the reef but prefer to be attached to coral substrate or a rock. They have a long thread filled with toxins that they […]
diving Multicolor fins
Most people will try to find out how they can buy their dive gears at a bargain price, but the best way to save on dive gears is to take really good care of the gear you purchase. Here are some tips that can help: Mask – Use baby shampoo to clean your mask. Not […]
diving accessories bali
  Sometimes it can feel like the accessories you have for scuba diving are too many.  If you are not sure what to take with you and what to leave, here are 6 of the most important ones! Slate – These are fantastic for teaching, mapping, surveying and identifying fish. However, if you are out […]