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The Wonderpus Octopus (Wunderpus photogenicus) is one of the latest octopus species to be classified. It is one of the most beautiful octopus species and a diver’s dream come true. If you are planning a diving excursion in Bali, this is one of the must-see creatures at the Puri jati diving Site in Pemuteran. Its popularity has been enhanced by increased internet in underwater photography with diving enthusiasts sharing the amazing images of this octopus species to the amazement of viewers across the world.

Amazing macro Diving Site in Bali

The Wonderpus octopus inhabits areas of open black sands and burrows where it stays out of sight. At the Puri Jati diving site, divers are able to catch a glimpse of this amazing creature at one of the best muck diving site on the island. This diving site has a wide array of marine life and with highly trained guides on site, it is even easier to find these amazing octopuses and more. This site is ideal for both beginners and old hands in muck diving.

Puri jati diving site - Wonder octopus - Pemuteran Diving

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Elusive Albeit Resplendent Wonderpus Octopus

Catching a glimpse of the Wonderpus octopus even at the Puri Jati diving site is a big reward for every diving enthusiast who is keen and patient enough. It is the most sought after creature underwater and in fact, most divers who come here are also avid photographers and nature lovers.

It is important to differentiate between the mimic and Wonderpus octopuses. The Wonderpus has fairly uniform white markings. These markings rest on a solid rusty-brown body. This octopus is about 5 to 15 cm. They are vividly patterned and long-armed and they are to be found in shallow waters all around Indonesia and specialy in Pemuteran Bali. This beautiful sea animal is orange-brown in color and this makes it camera-friendly. It is a sight no diver can resist.

On the other hand, the mimic octopus is renowned for its ability to mimic the appearance and character of other species. They have so far been seen imitating 15 animals ranging from jelly fish, anemones to brittle stars. It can change its color and texture for perfect impersonations.

If you are having a problem distinguishing between the mimic and wonderpus octopus look at their behavior when you are sure they can see you. A mimic octopus changes color in front of you but not a wonderpus octopus. Go on and find these amazing octopus at the Puri Jati diving site.

Puri Jati Diving Site is located in Pemuteran and one of the best macro (“muck”) diving sites in Bali, and is only a few minute sail with our Phinisi Boat from Abyss Ocean World. It is famous for its huge variety of interesting and marine life.  Our guides have logged hundreds of dives at Puri Jati, and are extremely experienced at locating even the most rare marine life. Contact us Now and find this amazing animal for your best photography.

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