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One piece of equipment that is very important for any diver to have is a dive computer. It ensures that you remain safe, without having to work with dive tables to make your calculations. In order to get one that is well suited to your needs, do some research prior to making your purchase. Here are 7 steps that will help you make a great choice.

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Consider Your Diving Level
This is important because a beginner and an experienced diver do not have the same needs.  Their diving levels are different and that should be considered. If you find that the dive computer’s description is beyond you, it is probably more advanced than what you need.

How much do you want to spend?
Your budget range can also help you make a decision. Dive computers start at $200 and can go to over $1000. If you are a beginner, you can find some good ones at a relatively good price. If you are not too concerned about cost, consider getting one that has multi-gas capability, digital compass and air integration.

This may sound obvious, but it’s not. Get a dive computer that is easy to read when you are wearing your mask. Get one that is back lit and has big numbers.

Compatibility with Nitrox
Anyone planning to dive with Nitrox should consider getting a computer that has nitrox compatibility. It gives you the choice of selecting the nitrox percentage level that you will be using on the dive and will adjust the maximum depth and no decompression time automatically.

Wrist vs. Console
There are two different types of set ups when it comes to dive computers. You can get a console or a wrist dive computer. Currently, the more popular ones are the writs computers because they have been made to look like a watch. If you are the kind of diver who likes to put your instruments together, then a console dive computer may be ideal. Most likely if you can find a wrist computer, there is a console version of the same.

Computer compatibility
There are dive computers that can connect to your personal computer (PC). This works beautifully because you can easily download the details of your dive giving you a permanent record to refer to.

Air Integration
This is the latest trend where dive computers are concerned. You will be able to monitor how much air you have consumed using a transmitter.

Take your time to do some research for your dive computer and think about considerations when buying it. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

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