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COVID-19 update of our team : Conservation and Social Media Management

Scuba divers smiling after a dive
Said, Ari and Daniel have been working hard on Coral Conservation project with our team fellow friends from Easy Divers, Hibiscus House and Phocea

A time to learn, reflect and act!

Impact of the Virus on Our Team and Community

After keeping you updated on our Social Medias, it’s time for an official COVID-19 update of our team on our website. Since March 22nd, Bali has shut its International boarders, which has let our team to keep pushing our limits. The situation in Bali and Pemuteran, in particular, is actually very positive. The community is working together to support each other in these difficult times. We have been blessed to not have a positive COVID-19 case here. Our small village remains optimistic that soon the Indonesian tourists will emerge. Bali’s Governor announced a tentative date for the reopening of the boarders on September 11th. If you wish to be kept in the loop visit this Facebook group (Bali Covid-19 Update)

Scuba divers smiling after a dive
Said, Ari and Daniel have been working hard on Coral Conservation project with our team fellow friends from Easy Divers, Hibiscus House and Phocea

Our Team Rethink Eco-Friendly practices

August is finally here, this would be an exciting time for us at Abyss Ocean World. August is usually one of the busiest month of the year with buzzing new divers exploring Bali and Pemuteran.

Daniel has led our reduced team to be involve in a few environmental projects. We will share with you more in a future post in September, but here is a sneak peek:

* Creation of a group of expats and locals working together to lead environmental projects for our village, Pemuteran.
* Waste Management : Building and distributing big wooden trash boxes around the village. Garbage and recycling bins will be helpful for the management of the trash in our community.
* Coral gardening : a few dive centers have participated in a big coral conservation project in the bay. This initiative had started back in 2019 when we took a course with ”Biosphere Foundation.

Underwater Cave with sun rays, girls that scuba face as hitting the water and a Level Up tag with a pineapple
Claudine worked a bit on her graphic design skills with the help of the Pineapple Hustle.

Our Team Learn: Social Media and How to Reach Out to You

This period being difficult on everybody, we were not going to take it easy to relax and do nothing. Claudine has accepted a new challenge. Learning everything there is to know to have a better online presence. You guys know her, she likes to share her stories, her love for our ocean and our beautiful country, Indonesia.

With the help of Anna Kloth and her team at The Pineapple Hustle, she has learned a few tricks which will be helpful.

  • Social Media Management : basics in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.
  • Editing underwater photography and videos : Leveling up her own skills.
  • Website and blogs optimization to make sure our content is relevant and that you are happy to find us and read us.
  • So much more, yet we don’t want you to be overwhelmed as mush as she was while learning everything.

Reopening soon

Dwi, Said and Ari have worked hard to make sure our dive center is ready for a soft opening. New hand washing stations outside of the dive center and posters to explain our new hygiene and safety rules, are now displayed. Contact us if you are already in Bali or planning on visiting from Java or surrounding Island. It will be a pleasure to take you diving.

We hope you liked our COVID-19 update of our team. For all our amazing international friends which are outside Indonesia; we are looking forward to meeting you soon again.

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