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Scuba diving or free diving is one of the most thrilling, enjoyable activities one could indulge in. However, not anyone can just jump into these activities without prior training. Scuba divers need to be trained in swimming and handling extreme underwater pressure, amongst other things. Free divers should be more athletic and be capable of handling dives from high altitudes. However, the one thing that most divers fail to focus on is their breathing technique. The importance the divers should be know how the good breathing techniques underwater.
breathing techniques

Why breathing exercises are important

It is vital to incorporate deep breathing exercises into all programs. When you practice deep breathing while performing abdominal exercises, it helps divers to focus on strengthening their diaphragm muscle and intercostal muscles, which help move their ribs.

Abdominal strength for strong breathing

Even though the divers are very fit and have strong abdominal muscles, they need to practice a well-balanced abdominal strengthening program which helps them with flexibility while strengthening their backs. Divers are suggested to practice effective abdominal exercises to improve their breathing capacity. If you have weak abs or a weak back, it is definitely going to be hard for you to hold your breath for a long period of time. Studies have shown that strengthening abdominal muscles and trimming body fat, especially around the torso, helps the divers to maintain strong breathing capabilities.

Besides regular exercise, here are two techniques that can improve breathing techniques capabilities.

  • Take a book and sit down someplace comfortable. Take a deep breath, hold it, and open the book to a random page. Start reading and continue until you are unable to hold your breath any longer. With a pencil, mark where you stopped on the page. This technique helps distract your body from its automatic response to the sensation of an immediate need to breathe. The book helps you track your progress. You will know you have improved when you can read further down the page.
  • Hold your breath while you remain standing in one spot. Keep time on your stopwatch and remain standing at that spot for a minute. After a minute, start walking down a track or sidewalk at a steady but relaxed pace. Make sure you hold your breath the whole time. See how far you can walk without having to stop for a breath. This technique helps your body’s muscles get used to working under anaerobic conditions without becoming weak or cramped.

Start focusing more on your abdominal muscles while working out and try these breathing techniques to help improve your breathing abilities. Breathing techniques underwater is important, because it not only prevents some dive injuries but also provides comfort, air safe and more bottom time for us. We should help you become a better diver.


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