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Are You a Scuba Addict – Check the symptoms

If you can affirm more than five of the following, you are a Scuba addict and will probably never let go of this addiction.

Is that a watch? Non-divers always wonder what you are wearing and whyScuba addict it’s so big. Fellow divers will know that your prized timepiece is not only a watch, but a dive computer.

Its impressive how many dive t-shirts you have already: Your collection of dive t-shirts is increasing with a high speed and you do not always know what you have in your collection anymore. You’ve been there, you’ve dived it — from the dive centers to the liveaboards to the sites themselves, you’ve got the swag to prove it.

No vacation without diving: Therefore you plan your vacations around diving but you might compromise on the specific destination if your spouse or friends don’t dive, so that you can go diving while they do something else. And first thing you would ask friends about their vacation is; did you do any diving? And was it any good?

The chances are that you have a pet named one of theseScuba Addict pets names: Whaler, Sea-Sea or See Doo. (And it doesn’t matter if it’s a fish, dog, or a cat)

You always have dive-certification card on you somewhere: If you are a scuba addict, you probably have this card in your wallet right next to your other important stuff. You never know when it might come in handy, in case you randomly need it (or want to show off a bit).

You “speak” an extra language: You can have a full conversation, with details and jokes underwater. The language is not the same for every diver, but you and your friends knows exactly what you mean.

Christmases and birthdays are not a problem: You are always full of ideas when it comes to your wish-list. Dive watches, new fins or mask, spare mouth peaces ect. You friends and family always knows which stores to go to, for your perfect present.

Airport customs is not your best friend: We get that you don’t want toScuba addict "ok" sign check all of your gear. Just remember that customs staff will make you unpack your regulator, camera and everything. Every time.

You remember everything: at least when it comes to diving. You know what you’ve seen underwater, and where. There is no doubt where you saw your first shark/turtle/ray/whale, etc. You can recall your best dive. Or your first dive. Or your worst dive.

The “OK” sign: You use the “ok” signal for everything; Im ok, Im happy, Im ready or I agree. You believe the sign is easier, because you never know when people can hear you or not. You get really confused when people use the thumbs up instead of ok, and they think it means the same thing.

As scuba addict ourselves, we would like to invite you to dive around our sites and let us share you what makes diving so addictive to us.

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