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It is one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to a diver, but this is not to say you should not learn what to do when it happens. vomiting while scuba diving is not the easiest of topics in any situation and most scuba diving students are not comfortable asking about it. As a result, they go into the water unprepared.

Your regulator has an exhaust valve that expels anything from the diver’s mouth including vomit. If you have been wondering what would happen if you feel like puking while underwater, here are some pointers to help you:

Getting Seasick before a Dive

If you are on a boat and you get seasick, this should not be a big concern. Experts argue that most people get sea sick due to the bobbing effect of the vessel and it is thus advisable to jump into the water if you are sick. The feeling stops immediately. This also places you away from a boat’s exhaust fumes, which could also be causing this uneasy feeling. Unfamiliar diets can also cause nausea but incomplete equalization can also be blamed for the problem.

What to Do If  You Have To Vomiting While Scuba Divingvomiting while scuba diving

Now that you know it is possible to vomiting while scuba diving, how do you ensure you do it right? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Never remove the regulator: You will feel the need to gasp for air but you should never remove your regulator as you might end up inhaling water. Instead, vomit into the regulator mouthpiece and the vomit will be exhaled through the exhale valve. Inhale carefully afterwards as there might be leftovers.
  2. Purge the regulator: The regulator purge enables you to force any leftovers through the exhaust valve. This should be done while placing your tongue over the regulator mouthpiece to avoid backflow of any remaining vomit.
  3. Switch to the alternative air source regu
    This alternative regulator is to be used in emergencies. If you switch, end the dive because you should never be underwater without the alternative air source regulator.
  4. End the dive if nausea continues: Don’t get embarrassed to end your dive if your nausea continues because this is risky underwater.
  5. Clean the regulator: You should consider your safety because the regulator that has been vomited into can be dangerous both for you or any other person who rents the same. Alert the person involved for a thorough checkup and servicing.

No one likes to vomit underwater but now you have the tips to use in case a bout of nausea attacks. Don’t feel embarrassed if it happens and guess what, you will have fish surrounding you to enjoy the meal your stomach has rejected.

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