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Top Five Activities to do Around Menjangan Island

Part of the joy of traveling in the remote area of North West Bali is to be surrounded by nature and a mind-blowing landscape. Here are our top 5 activities to do around Menjangan Island, while visiting our beautiful National Park.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are the most popular activities to do around Menjangan Island

The view from Menjangan Island over the Java volcanoes

The North side of Menjangan Island offers a stunning view over the coast of Java

Scuba Diving

It is a fun and it is an incredible sport. Bali Barat National Park offers mesmerizing reefs and dives sites surrounding the island. Protected from fishing and anchoring, this area has healthy reefs, turtles, nudibranchs, and the occasional reef shark visiting. What else to ask for?

Not yet a diver? Check out our One Day Experience experience or our PADI Open Water information page. 


Snorkeling is a must activity. It is the perfect activity for those of you who like to swim and spend quality time with your fellow travelers. 

Make sure to choose the right dive center to assure your full success of your experience.

High Gastronomy is definitely a must activity to do around Menjangan

Some of the best high-end hotels have established themselves around the West Bali National Park. Big names such as Plataran and Dynasty have settled on the coast facing Menjangan Island. 

Romantic dinner at sunset from Sumberkim Hill

That’s how they roll at Sumberkima Hill

The Menjangan Resort is one of the oldest resorts in the area.  This resort is nestled in the heart of the National Park. It offers exquisite cuisine, walking trails and beautiful accommodation. Menjangan resort offers diverse and delicate meals from the Indonesian archipelago and Europe.

Don’t miss on their delicious and copious brunch special even if you do are not staying in the resort.

Sumberkima Hills: The resort has one of the most unique and  interesting location around Menjangan.  They have settled on top of the hills of Sumberkima village which offer, THE BEST view of them all. Check out their Instragam. for more stunning photos of their property overlooking Javanese volcanoes. 



Mangrove Tour around North West Bali

Another fun activity to do around Menjangan is a Mangrove tour with an experienced guide. 

Did you know mangroves are an ecosystem that lives only in the coastal area where the tides change? 

Did you know mangroves act as a form of defence in case of tsunami or erosions? 

Learn more during this 2-3 hours experience. 

Adventures awaits for those who love kayaking

Are you feeling adventurous? Check out the possibility to experience one of the top activities to do around Menjangan. Most resorts surrounding Mimpi Bay will offer the possibility to rent kayaks and explore the mangrove on your own. Protected from the current, the bay is perfect for kayaking. Be aware of tide changes if you are at the entrance of the bay. The way back could be challenging. 

Top activities in the area wouldn’t be complete without Wildlife photography

Nowadays, nature is a gem we have to cherish. North West Bali National Park is lucky to still be home to fascinating wildlife. Here is some of the top creature you can encounter : 

Two dears in Bali

Wildlife in the National Park



Monkeys: Macaques and Black monkeys

Birds: Bali Starlings, Javan Banded Pitta, Green junglefowl (wild rooster type bird), Javan Hanging Parrot

Monitor lizard

Wild boar


Did you enjoyed our Top 5 activities to do around Menjangan? Contact us now to plan your next dreamed holiday!

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