Trekking famous volcanoes and Diving in Indonesia

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Indonesia is well known for its incredible reefs, wild life, culture, food and for numerous treks on volcanoes. Being the country with the most underwater and above water volcanoes we thought it would be a great idea to mix in diving and trekking all at once for a memorable holiday. Join our special trip combining Diving and Trekking in Bali.

We have concocted a special trip on March 23rd to April 4th, 2020 for adventurous and people who likes to challenge themselves. We will held our safari during  the most famous holiday in Bali, Nyepi.

Which volcanoes will we trek?

Ijen Volcano, East Java

Height : 2799 meters

Famously known for its turquoise sulphur lake at its crater and its sulphuric blue flames which we only see during the night.

Ijen volcano - turquoise lake and sulphur

Sulphur and turquoise lake by Martin Raymond

Gunung Batur, Central Bali

Height : 1717 meters

Probably the most trekked of all the volcanoes of Indonesia, Mount Batur is accessible to pretty much everybody and is famous for its caldera.

If you are interested into more details regarding those 2 volcanoes we will have the chance to hike next march, check out this website Bookmundi

Stars and sunrise on Batur volcano

Stars and Sunrise by Victor Doroshenko

Which area will we dive?

We will visit Pemuteran, Menjangan, Tulamben and Amed.

What is Nyepi?

Nyepi, in our own word, is a big celebration for all our deamons. Starting with the parade of the ogoh-ogoh “light statues of deamon” and a religious ceremony, we will head back to our hotels/home in silence. The following day, we will respect the most peaceful silent day you have ever lived. No joke! You will notice that the airport will be shut down, the roads will be empty and even the internet service will be shut. No activities can be held on that day, not even cooking. Meditation is key on that day. Best time to reflect on our previous deamons from which we will be hiding for them to not find us. We will use no electricity on that day, and so will everybody else on Bali. Interesting start of the Balinese “New Year”.

Ogoh ogoh by night

Ogoh Ogog by Wira Suryantala

What else is new during this safari?

We will have the chance to stay in a lodge for the start of this trip. Visiting temple and the West Coast of Bali as well as being able to relax by an incredible pool. Check out the Instagram account of our favorite lodge.


If you have dream of trekking and diving in Bali and you are a passionate for life, this is for you. For more information check out our itinerary here.

Limited space available as we only will take a group of 8 pax for this special trip.


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